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What projects can I do on Elancerz?

Wondering what kind of projects await you on Elancerz? We’ve got the full spectrum of computer-based tasks covered! Whether you’re into web and mobile development, software wizardry, artistic design, or the power of words with copywriting, Elancerz has it all. And the surprises don’t stop there – you’ll also discover professionals like lawyers and accountants ready to join your project journey.

How does Elancerz make money?

We charge freelancers and agencies a 10% freelancer service fee on their earnings.

Building Trust with Freelancers: Do They Sign Disclosures?

You bet! When freelancers join Elancerz, they commit to our Terms of Service, just like you. If you have any additional documents you’d like them to sign, such as an NDA, no problem. Simply share those documents with the freelancer through messages as an attachment before you kick off your project. The ball’s in their court – they’ll decide whether to agree with your terms and sign your documents before proceeding. But, remember, any additional agreements should play nice with Elancerz’s Terms of Service.

Ensuring Safety with Freelancers: Pre and Post-Hire Measures

We’ve got your back with our comprehensive Terms of Service, which cover most bases, including confidentiality. To keep things secure, we recommend not sharing your personal contact info and steering clear of external platforms for communication. Our platform is the place to be for all project-related discussions.

Handling Mid-Project Hiccups with Freelancers

If you hit a bump in the project road, don’t worry; you’ve got options. First, consider having an open conversation with your freelancer – sometimes, that’s all it takes to smooth things out. Your project page also features a handy resolution center where you can propose a cancellation. But if you ever feel like you need some extra support, our 24/7 Customer Support team is just a message away. Share the details of your project with them, and they’ll swoop in to save the day.

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